Brendan Seery

Interviewee: Brendan Seery
Born: 1989, Luton, England
Interviewer: Pupils from Year Six, Story Wood Primary School
Date of interview: Date of Interview: 12/02/2013

Family annual holiday to Ireland from Luton via ferry, with ten people in a five-seat car

Early childhood in Luton, growing up with six brothers and one sister

Attending John F Kennedy RC Secondary School, two hour round trip on the school bus

Growing up in a Catholic family, relationship with brothers and sisters

Aged seven, drawn to priesthood, demonstrated in playing out the Mass. Later on, considers other career options. Aged fifteen, trip to Lourdes and being inspired by Pope John Paul II. Family advise to think of other career options, so considers being a lawyer and applies to university. Second school trip to Lourdes, asks God what he should do, heart leaps at being a priest

A spiritual gap year in Spain at the English School, set up around 500 years ago when it was illegal for English men to train as priests; the college is still funded by the King and Queen of Spain. Thinks next step may be study in Rome but his Bishop decides on Oscott College. Arrival at Oscott, appreciates Pugin architecture and the history, but doubts about the location and the quality of the gym; in the end grateful the Bishop made the decision

Training for the priesthood; the idea of vocation and calling; being there for people in their happiest and saddest moments

The four different types of training for a seminarian at Oscott: human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral. The importance of friendship and hospitality

The importance of faith and relationship with God

Considering is God calling me to be married or to be a priest? Now in a period of ‘Discernment’ but period of ‘Candidacy’ begins in May, then ordination and ‘marriage’ to the Church

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