Arthur Bolton

Interviewee: Arthur Bolton
Born: 1946, Kingstanding, Birmingham
Interviewer: Pupils from Year Six, Story Wood Primary School
Date of Interview: 12/02/2013

Early life with parents in grandmother’s house, in 1959 getting a council house, contrast with the back-to-backs in Aston; problems with the school in Aston due to a difficult headmaster and suffering from dyslexia

Moving on to Kings Rise Secondary School, Kingstanding, and developing an interest in radio

Valerie Walker from the grammar school and the grenade in the living room; consequences of not being able to read

Elliott Street School; missing out on lessons; discovering a Ladybird book in the Annex library on making a crystal radio set; how Foxy got to make a radio set

Making go-carts, getting into trouble with school mate Barry using a red-hot poker instead of a drill

Growing interest in the radio, being given a broken radio set and playing the role of BBC radio operator

Missing out on school; frightening home visit of the headmaster; being sent to the child psychologist; misdiagnosing dyslexia

The Youth Employment Centre and a one-day job in the Jewellery Quarter, followed by assembling spirit levels in Moseley

Moving to Perry common in 1963

Youth Employment Office, Warren Farm Road, getting a job at Meletronics, Aldridge, working on electric organs with Micky Pinder; getting lifts off the Moody Blues, meeting other pop stars and TV celebrities

A workmate from Dovedale Road buys a Ford Prefect for £40; lunch breaks at Bar Beacon, Friday nights out, races, girls, and music

Modern day advances in dealing with dyslexia 

Living in Perry Common on the Ring, 1963, how it used to be with a playground, public toilets, and park keepers hut; the roads were a different layout

How the old houses were, with outside toilet and a coal cupboard under the stairs, but still better than the back-to-backs

Sledging at Witton Lakes

The fight to save the houses; being called to College High for a meeting with council officials and being told all the houses will be demolished; residents make a stand; problems with the empty houses being boarded up, rat infestation, massive building site for ten years; Arthur’s house survives

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