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Story Wood Primary

Pupils from Year Six at Story Wood School interviewed Arthur Bolton, whose house in Perry Common looks onto Oscott College. They also interviewed Matthew Jolley and Brendan Seery who are both seminarians at Oscott College (they are training to be priests).

Arthur and his wife said The Big Story of Pugin project enabled them to fulfil a life long ambition to see Pugin’s chapel. 

In his interview, Arthur talks about his struggle with dyslexia. He also talks brilliantly about his life and the fight to make sure people had a say in the rebuilding of Perry Common.

Matthew Jolley says how strange it was to move down to Oscott from the north, while Brendan Seery found it strange to move up from the south. They share their thoughts about life at Oscott, their faith, and training for the priesthood. Matthew also talks about one of the biggest events at Oscott College, the visit of Pope Benedict in 2010. 

“I never thought I would leave a legacy because I’ve had ups and down, but Pugin left a legacy when he had ups and downs” - Louange

“Pugin has made me want to be a designer” - Zak

“Pugin makes me never want to give up” - Connor

Read some poems written about Pugin by some the pupils.

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