My Love, Pugin

Pugin and I loved each other dearly, my heart broke when he died. I am here to tell you about his legacy and here is where it begins.

On 1st March 1812, Augustus Pugin was born in London. It was the happiest day for his parents (and espcially for me!) He became an architect.

Pugin designed lots of building like the House of Paraliments, St. Chads Cathedral, and lots of other amazing buildings! 

Pugin was a very lovely, smart and caring man. He LOVED Gothic buildings. I mean it! 

Then he came to Birmingham and worked on lots of amazing buildings like Oscott College and King Edwards School. He actually made things for BOTH of them.  But he especially LOVED Oscott College because of its Gothic architecture. If you don't know what or where Oscott Collage is,  it is a College for people who want to become Priests. 

Pugin married his first wife, Anne. He told me they both were madly in love and so he married her at the age of 19! He told me she was a very down-to-earth person and very friendly but sadly she soon passed away.  This broke my heart, I felt very sorry for him. She died after giving birth to his first child, then his papa died then his mama died. Three dear people died in that year!

I was so broken-hearted when he told me, I felt so sorry for him. Well he kept on going, he desinged and designed and designed, and then he met his second wife, Louisa.

Louisa was a very strict person, she was a clean freak, her familiy were very rich. They had six children (including Pugin's first child). He said she was nice when they met but then she turned stubborn. 

Sadly, Louisa died. What was Pugin going to do? He had six children on his hands, what was he going to do with them? Put them into care? These questions were spinning around and around in his head. After a while, he met me, Jane.

I enjoyed his company. He was so generous, so caring, I loved him. I loved his children. I think Louisa's children were taught thier manners by her. Then I heard that Pugin's medicine was mercury. Mercury! Who would give him Mercury? Anger was rising in my bones but I never spoke a word. Sadly, Pugin went out of control in the City Centre. I could't beleive that his best friend, his fellow worker betrayed him and put him into a Mental Health asylum.

By Jane Pugin
(Annonymous pupil from Saint Margaret Mary Primary School)

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