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Saint Margaret Mary’s
RC Primary School

Pupils from Year Six at Saint Margaret Mary’s RC Primary School interviewed David Walker who is responsible for maintaining Oscott College; local resident Violet Holland who worked in the college’s refectory from 1974 to 1989; and local resident Mary Holland, aged over ninety, who is an active community leader.

Violet is interested in history and her interview includes fascinating stories about Oscott College, the farm, Pugin’s tables, and the whereabouts of Perry Common’s few surviving perry trees.

Mary has wonderful memories of coming to live in Perry Common nearly seventy years ago when Oscott College still owned a lot of the open farmland. Mary enjoyed her first visit to Oscott College when she gave her interview for this project. 

David Walker talks about his journey from the inner city back-to-backs to getting a job in the totally different world of Oscott College, which he describes as being an oasis in the city. David also gives an insider account of the Pope’s visit. 

“I have learned that you can overcome anything” - Kayley

“Pugin, through all his pain, has inspired us, his legacy has changed our lives” - Kallan

“Pugins life has taught me how to be strong” - Ketshia

“His story and art are inspiring” - Marko

Read a poem writen by a pupil and a letter written by 'Jane Pugin'.

Audio Interviews