What a life story!

Augustus Pugin was a great architect, and he inspired the town of Birmingham.

He was born on the 1st March 1812, in London.

Pugin came to birmingham and lived there for a year. 

Lord Shrewsbury paid Pugin to build Oscott College.

Pugin got married to a lady called Anne, she was from a poor family. Anne was Pugin's first wife and they got married when he was just nineteen. Sadly Anne died after giving birth. 

Pugin then married his second wife Louisa, who was from a rich family. She had five more children with Pugin. Sadly Louisa died from illness when Pugin was only 32. 

Once again Pugin remarried. His third wife Jane was really beautiful and kind and she had two more children with Pugin. 

Pugin got ill because the doctors were  giving him mercury which was sending him mad. One day he got so bad he had to go to the mad house. 

Happily Jane came and saved Pugin, she took him home and looked after him. Unfortunately, Pugin died in his sleep  

By Courtney and Corey
Oasis Academy, Short Heath 

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