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Oasis Academy,
Short Heath

Pupils from Year Six at Oasis Academy, Short Heath, interviewed three local people who have created community organisations. As with Pugin, the interviewees have a vision for society and they have all had to overcome difficulties. 

Linda Hines, Chair of Witton Lodge Community Association, describes how she found her voice as a community leader when the Council announced they were going to knock down nearly one thousand local houses. 

Jennie Corbett talks about being sent to live at Princess Alice Children’s Home aged seven, in the 1950s, and how the farm there had links to the one at Oscott College. Later on, Jennie set up the Carpenters Arms Community centre on a site previously occupied by a Pugin chapel (sadly demolished in the 1960s). 

Sam Miller, the youngest of the three interviewees, was born in 1976. In 2003, he founded a charity called Urban Devotion Birmingham, which works with young people in Perry Common. Sam talks about being inspired by Oscott College and by Pugin’s legacy.

“Pugin has inspired dreams to believe in” - Connor

“Pugin has inspired me never to give up on my friends” - Amelia

“He has inspired me to build” - Matthew

Read some pupil's describing Pugin's story.

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